Barista Techniques - Global Second Edition by John Doyle

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Barista Techniques ® Global Second Edition:  An Essential Guide to Preparing and Serving Espresso Coffee Commercially is one of the most informative and easy-to-read training manuals written on espresso coffee training.

Barista Techniques is directed at several groups of people:

1. Those already in the hospitality industry

2. Teachers, students, employers and employees

3. Trainee baristas and high school students studying hospitality

4. Anyone interested in espresso coffee

It will raise your expectations and give you a finer appreciation of the skill of a professional barista.


Barista Techniques ® Global Second Edition covers the following topics in detail:

  • Preparing the work area
  • Advising customers
  • Grinding coffee
  • Extracting espresso coffee
  • Texturing the milk
  • Presenting and serving the coffee
  • Maintaining the espresso machine
  • Water treatment
  • All about coffee: history, machines and processes.