Bondi Chai Vanilla Honey 1kg

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Our ‘beginner’s chai’… soft, smooth and comforting. Vanilla Honey is also great in desserts and cold-drinks – try it in cheesecake or in fruit smoothies and frappes.


Nutritional and allergy information

Bondi Chai is:

  • Gluten free
  • 99% fat free (when made with skim milk)
  • Low in caffeine (about the same as green tea or about half that of normally brewed black tea and one-quarter that of espresso coffee)
  • Contains no ‘industrial nasties’ such as anti-caking agents and has no artificial sweeteners, emulsifiers, whiteners, stabilisers or preservatives
  • Trans-fatty acid free
  • Sweetened with honey and sugar (one teaspoon of sugar in an 8oz/200ml drink)

Bondi Chai contains dairy ingredients.