Opale Deluxe Pod Machine

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Top of the Opale line is the Deluxe version, with chrome sides and compensator.
Durable, thanks to its sturdy structure; excellent dispensing quality, guaranteed by the use of high quality components;



Features Include:
2 Litre stainless steel boiler for hot water and steam
Vibration pump
Niploy heat exchanger for coffee
Niploy heat exchanger for steam
On/off machine led, off coffee heater led
On/off steam heater led
Safety thermostat for coffee and steam
Steel body/ ABS front
Interchangeable steam wand with cappuccino maker
Extra fast heater
Patented steam system with insulated steam heat-exchanger (to reduce dispersion and save energy)
Steady and powerful steam jet
Independent switch to activate /deactivate steam circuit

Watch how easy the Opale Deluxe Pod Machine is to use: