PODiSTA Pods - Chocolate

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Nespresso®* compatible chocolate pod / capsule.

Listen, right now is really not the time to start your health kick, so let' talk about chocolate and get on with it. If there were a contest for the most comforting thing in the world, hot cocoa would surely be in the running for the crown.

Blended from the finest ingredients, Smooth and Creamy is a delectable milk chocolate with a velvety texture that melts evenly in the mouth. Made to a traditional recipe, it is a true delight for milk chocolate lovers who appreciate the finesse and quality of a perfect milk chocolate drink.

Alternatively did you know you can also drink your Smooth and Creamy Chocolate COLD, just extract over Ice, and add cold milk for a delicious summer alternative!

The video above shows you just how easy it is to make a hot chocolate using PODiSTA pods and your Nespresso®* machine