Selenite Pod Machine

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The Grimac Selenite takes the guess work out of making espresso. Speed, cleanliness, and easy maintenance means quicker coffee production and higher turnover.  Available with an electronic keypad, coffee is delivered through the ESE coffee pod directly into the cup with no mess and no fuss. The steam and hot water are taken from the boiler which allows a superior performance. 

Designed with tall groups for larger cups and an additional cup holder for espresso cups as standard equipment.

This machine is available in a 1 group and is ideally suited for offices, bars, pubs, small restaurants, home, etc. 

Our customers are amazed that they can serve coffee this good in their business,work place or home.

No Mess, No Fuss
Quick to use
Easy maintenance
Commercial water arm
Commercial Steam arm
4 Litre water tank
32.8 x 46.2 x 50 (cm)
Standard model takes 7gm pod or Upgraded model takes 14gm pod.

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